Screen - Projectors - TV Monitors

If you would like to share a video presentation, project your company logo, present a power point or all of the above - Special Occasions has the Audio / Visual tools to bring it all together.

Screen & LCD Projectors: Great for presenting to large audiences in large spaces. We stock professional presentation screens that look presentable. Ideal for Video presentations, Keynotes, power point slide shows and logo projection.

Plasma - LCD - LED TV Displays: Flat panel TV's are a modern approach to presenting your visual content in a smaller space. With up to 8 TV's in your event space you can reach 500 guests. A great way to give all your guests an intimate viewing setting. Flat Panel TV's are a great choice for same day edit slide shows that are popular in the wedding market.

Digital Signage: Great for breakout sessions and lobby areas. Digital signage can act as a impressive tool to get your guests the information they need when they need it. For weddings they work as a modern approach to informing your guests their seating arrangements.

P.A. Systems: Be heard - Crisp sound systems combined with high quality microphones allow your presenters to be heard during your main session.

Flip Chart Easels & White Boards - The perfect hands on visual tool for your meeting where you need to present ideas in a dynamic fashion.

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