We have also attended weddings where the music was too loud during dinner, and well was too generic. Let us be refreshingly different. Our goal is to make sure your event is fun and enjoyable for everyone in attendance but also for the guests of honor. With a crew of DJ's that mix on the fly we strive to deliver your event the club vibe it deserves on the dance floor while maintaining the elegant elements it deserves.

We give each couple the creative control they deserve.

We can MC your event more minimally than the average DJ and bring just the right personality to keep events moving smoothly.

What you can count on:

  • Professional & Modern Attire - No Tuxedos here...
  • A unique play list that is meetings / phone calls in the making.
  • Access to our online tools to help you plan your event.
  • Professional sound systems that provide clean and crisp sound.
  • A diverse music library that lets you simply choose the music not provide it.
  • A Dj that knows how to mix and manipulate music the way it is supposed to be mixed - no wanna-bes that play music like an ipod.
  • MC's with voice and personality that can be involved as much or as little as you need them to be.